A collaborative tradition: VMetrix and the Municipality of El Tabo fill with smiles the OPD children’s Christmas

For the third consecutive year, the aid delivered by our VTeamers turned into joy for the children who attend the OPD of El Tabo, and even though for reasons related to the sanitary crisis we were not able to be there as we would have liked, the happiness shown on the pictures shared by the Municipality left us with a happy heart once again.

What started as a way to give another meaning to the traditional Secret Santa game among coworkers, today has become a tradition within VMetrix not only at the end of the year festivities, but as a permanent active commitment. 

Once again in 2021, the Company collaborated with the Rights Protection Office for children and adolescents (OPD) of the Municipality of El Tabo, which resulted in gifts for 65 children between two months and thirteen years old who are under the care of the program, aimed at providing comprehensive protection to them and their families in the context of social exclusion or vulnerability of their rights. 

“Our commitment with the OPD began as a timid approach, but the team took it very seriously and it is thanks to them that this initiative continues to this day, especially after the first experience -before the pandemic- when we gathered a group and not only delivered gifts with Santa Claus, but we also shared a delicious breakfast with the families”, says María Cristina Tobar, HR Manager of VMetrix and organizer of each version. 

On behalf of the Municipality, Romina Toro, OPD Coordinator, says that VMetrix’s involvement is not a one-time initiative and that nowadays it is not limited to Christmas. “The connection we have with you has strengthened over time, you have supported us in important times such as the onset of the pandemic with cleaning kits for all the families, something that was very significant at that time because they were expensive and very scarce items, to which families had practically no access,” recalls Toro. 

This lawyer says that most of the caregivers and children parents work as street vendors and they have 3 or 4 children, so the support provided by VMetrix not only involves Christmas and Children’s Day gifts, but is also present throughout the year through supplies such as diapers, milk, food for a child who has special needs, or even a Tablets to connect to online classes. 

“This alliance, or rather commitment between both institutions, has helped us so that the Rights Protection Office -usually seen as an enemy of parents- is perceived by the families as an institution that also contributes, that accompanies and that can become an emotional and social support to improve the quality of life of the children”, points out Romina Toro. 

See below a video of the 2021 gift-giving ceremony. See video here