Project Future: the strategy that will renew VMetrix’s value offer

A new 360° view focused not only on products, but also on talent, management and user experience are the objectives of the proposal that the company is developing and that will have its first deliverables by the end of the first semester of 2022, with the launch of V3 GO and the new updates of V3 Revolution and V3 Intelligence.

VMetrix is currently undergoing an important renovation process that not only has an impact at a commercial and brand level, defining a new mission, vision and values, but also has a solid pillar of project management, products and the team that will carry out each one of them.

Along these lines, Sebastián Valenzuela, CEO of VMetrix, presented the “Project Future 2022” as a set of strategic guidelines that seek to “change the mindset of how we internally manage each requirement, with the aim of delivering top quality products and services that generate value for our clients”, stated.

A triangulation of key elements such as having a solid team of talents that generates the necessary engagement to carry out in an efficient way and with a methodology that develops the best version of our V3Vmetrix software for the international financial market, are part of the objective that the project pursues today and that has led it to approach the UX and UI culture.

For this reason, the Company created an area specifically dedicated to the subject based in Argentina, one of the leading countries in the discipline in Latin America, which seeks to approach and generate a software that is the answer that a demanding and sophisticated user requires.

Today, the financial-technological pillar on which V3Vmetrix is based is composed of three products that adjust to the client’s needs: V3 Revolution (On-Premise) is a complete front to back solution that is more competitive and accessible than the one offered by the competition; V3 Intelligence (On-Premise) integrates to the infrastructure already in place for clients to improve those reporting processes and integration of local instruments that their system does not allow; while V3 GO (Cloud and SaaS soon available) allows organizations to access a world-class SaaS and Cloud version, enabling them to digitalize their operations quickly, at low cost and with almost immediate results.

Among its milestones, Project Future will not only deliver new versions of V3 Revolution and V3 Intelligence to the market, but will also activate in July 2022 the Go Live of the first delivery of V3 GO, a solution that aims to shake up the market by bringing a front to end in Cloud and SaaS to entities that previously could not access a license of this type and quality.

“The new interface will have a new graphical proposal that takes care of the critical items that we find in a legacy system that must be homologated to what already exists, but at the same time be attractive to a new set of clients,” says Sebastian Valenzuela, CEO of VMetrix.