Vteamers New Year’s Eve celebration: an explosion of emotions, flour and delicious pastas.

After a week of gifs and very subliminal messages inspired in the Hollywood classic movie “The Godfather”, the mystery came to an end and our team enjoyed the experience of preparing their own menu at the restaurant “Amor & Pastas”, all accompanied by many laughs and a unique and delicious lunch.

This year has been one of -literally- breaking the mold and the end of the year celebration could not be different.

Therefore, our VTeamers enjoyed a unique day at “Amor&Pastas”, an Italian restaurant that delivers a completely unique and innovative experience, because we were the ones who had the power and learned to make the dough from scratch, cut fettuccini, make stuffed pasta, gnocchi, sing, dance, throw flour in the sky and eat something truly delicious and made with our own hands.

We divided the team into four groups, where each one was in charge of a food station that was led by a restaurant host who taught us all the secrets and guided us on a journey of flavors, colors and shapes.

“We really wanted the closing of this 2021 to trigger a shake-up, a real explosion – in this case of flour – among our VTeamers, where they would not only have an incredible time cooking, but also get to know their teammates in another facet and have a memorable team moment after almost two years of pandemic and home working”, commented Mónica Sánchez, Marketing Manager and organizer of the event.

Thanks to each of you for making this day unforgettable!

VMetrix wishes you a Merry Christmas and a great 2022!