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We haven’t reinvented the process. We have perfected it.

Our advanced module offerings have been designed from the ground up to help you automate and holistically manage your portfolio from front to back regardless of asset class, regulatory environment or geographical location.



V3 VMETRIX is a technological solution designed to overcome the limitations of any transactional system operating in the financial industry. Our innovative platform integrates easily into any source or destination system. Thanks to a flexible and adaptable API, offering the capability of managing any asset class while providing you with the power to process millions of records in seconds.

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8.000.000+ records loaded in minutes.

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Native regulatory reports by country.

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Powerful, flexible and highly adaptable API.

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Multiple asset classes.


System Functionalities

Specially designed modules to manage the entire transaction lifecycle of financial instruments.


High performance, robust and scalable tool capable of managing multiple data sources and processing multiple information lines simultaneously, either in real-time or batch.


Powerful API that allows the model extension, expanding and adding functionalities such as calculation methodologies, new screens creation, integrations, customized reports, external data loading, among others.

Calculation Engine

Powerful calculation engine that allows you to execute complex calculations and metrics from the different business areas such as VaR risks, market valuation, front office (performance), middle office, modeling and pricing of global financial instruments, result calculations (PNL), and FX real-time positions.

Report Engine

Flexible engine that allows reports generation by using pivot table functionalities and graphical interfaces, customizable by user profile, natively including different regulatory reports from each country in LATAM.

Trading Engine

The trading module integrates and manages all asset classes. It can additionally control limits and the modeling of all financial instruments.

Accounting Engine

Efficient and sophisticated accounting processing engine that supports multiple accounting methodologies, totally customizable, and IFRS compliant.

Multiple Asset Classes

V3 VMETRIX can manage large volumes of information that can be easily integrated into third party systems (satellites) within a data model that works on a functional background that supports the transactional life cycles for multiple asset classes:

  • Swap instruments
  • FX instruments
  • Future instruments
  • Bonds instruments
  • Equity instruments
  • Option instruments


Flexible and Agile Integration

V3 VMETRIX‘s modern design easily integrates and optimizes the transaction flow with all the major legacy systems used by the industry. It natively integrates with the leading market and price data providers worldwide.


Deployment Options

On Premise

The software is installed, implemented, and managed within your IT Infrastructure.

On the Cloud

Software subscription for added flexibility and scalability. VMetrix manages and maintains the environment while guaranteeing end to end security.

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