Profuturo (Mx) Pension administrator

Mexican company belonging to Grupo Bal, specialized in the administration of pension funds for the Mexican market and with more than six million clients.

As business partners of Afore Profuturo Mexico, we worked on the implementation of the Accounting Module that the organization’s new investment system required. With the successful implementation of V3 Intelligence, Profuturo set a milestone in the market by becoming one of the first Afores that was able to manage the accounting system in its investment system.

“The incorporation of a system such as V3Vmetrix helped Afore Profuturo to go from a 3% annual return to a 6% return in just five years,” states Sebastián Valenzuela, CEO of VMetrix, adding that the risk model with real-time control has positioned the institution as the Pension Fund Administrator that generates the highest profitability in Mexico.

What began as a request for help to finally implement a world-class system that has not been able to operate for almost 3 years, turned into an alliance based on trust and teamwork that has grown for seven years and along with several successful projects.

“We required a stronger risk module for the generation of historical transaction reports, something that was not incorporated in the system that we had before. VMetrix introduced us to V3 Intelligence, which not only become operational in 6 months and became the main system for risks, but is also continuously incorporating upgrades and improvements”, emphasizes Greta Medina, Prospera and Investment Systems Manager at Afore Profuturo, about the beginnings of the relationship between both organizations.

In this regard, the professional highlights the bond that exists between VMetrix and Profuturo and that in the end, it is a single team that works together on a daily basis and where communication, trust and knowledge of the financial market are the fundamental pillars of the success achieved up to date.

“One of our main cornerstones is the continuous customization required by any transactional system as a result of the exigencies of the Mexican regulator, and in these cases we work hand in hand with VMetrix to improve or modify instruments such as the reporting of these world-class systems that are usually designed to operate in the US and Europe, but that we need to operate in accordance with the requirements that our regulator mandates us to comply with” comments Medina.

While a world-class system delivers standard front-to-back solutions, that same feature that can be an advantage sometimes becomes an obstacle for the operation when it needs to incorporate current regulations or to process data in a more efficient and faster way.

In this regard, V3 Intelligence -as a world-class system integrator – takes care of the real problems and specific requirements of the Mexican Afores market thanks to its flexibility. “V3 Intelligence became the solution we needed because it easily integrated with our standard system and also provided us with tools tailored to our needs,” says Profuturo’s leader.

Sebastián Valenzuela, CEO of VMetrix, was present at every implementation milestone such as the integration of V3 Intelligence, and recalls that the efficiency of the system allowed the Mexican pension fund to empower professionals in higher leadership roles. “Intelligence generated a change in the processes and methodologies they had internally,” he points out.

“More than a supplier, we consider VMetrix as our business partners because it doesn’t matter if we are far away, or if there is a three-hour time difference, they always answer us, they are available when we need them, and together we have managed to carry out each project on schedule because on both sides we always speak the truth” concludes Greta Medina.


Martín López
CIO – Afore Profuturo 

“The main value of VMetrix is its deep knowledge of the business and the global investment market, something that has allowed to guide us and also to open up models of process execution. We have the great satisfaction of having implemented an end-to-end cycle that no one else in Mexico offers and that has even been recognized by the regulator as an important part of the industry, which has simplified operations today”. 

Greta Medina
Prospera and Investment Systems Manager
Afore Profuturo 

“The success of our relationship with VMetrix is based on the fact that they listen to us, they are present, they advise us regarding the best way to carry out the projects we request from them and how to maximize the automation of our front to back. We continue to choose them because they fulfill their commitments, they always fulfill their commitments”.